berkeley lab

i am a computational sciences postdoctoral fellow in the center for computational science and engineering, having received my doctorate in chemistry in late 2015 from the university of california irvine. my dissertation was focused on developing quantum chemistry tools and applying them to chemical problems including the design of in vivo imaging candidates based on the machinery found in fireflies and the reactivity of transition metal, lanthanide, and actinide compounds.

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i am the front-end engineer and work on all-things-data for this california-based startup aimed towards make hunting and fishing regulations accessible and providing a solution to the regulatory paradox.
*curriculum vitae* (updated: aug/2017)
in my spare time, i can be found in front of a computer composing and/or producing music, looking for unique artists to join the record label's roster, or outside enjoying some much needed fresh air.

by the wharf
music | personal music production project, full of musings and sketches
multimedia | generative art, animations, and other multimedia content
wacks records
label founded by dan buyanovsky, martim galvao, and myself
wacks 001 chi duly - nvr | aloha - soul jam
wacks 002 flyrt reynolds - gemz ep
production venture with nate sickerman
produced score for webseries assassin nine (imdb)